Staten Island couple gets pet horse after realizing there’s no city law against it

TOMPKINSVILLE, Staten Island — Morgie, the newest resident of a Tompkinsville community, is a 12-year-old chestnut mare beloved by nearly all of her neigh-bors.

Morgie arrived just six weeks ago when Abdul Elenani and his wife bought their home on a dead-end block and discovered that there is no city law prohibiting horses as pets.

“It’s a passion of mine, a hobby, it relaxes me,” Abdul Elenani, Margie’s owner, told WPIX. “When I come home after a tough day at work at coffee shops, Cocoa Grinder, I put the hay out for her to eat."

The couple spent close to $5,000 building a stable in their driveway and now try to ride their horse at least every few days.

The only disappointment so far was when Abdul rode Morgie to the drive-through Dunkin’ Donuts; he and the horse he came in on were refused service.

“Medium ice coffee, milk, and sugar. Thank you, I’m serious. Hey very serious,” Abdul can be heard saying video of the attempted purchase.

In this neighborhood, Morgie already has a colt following.

“She’s a real sweetheart,” Ted Hyde, a neighbor, told WPIX. “She’s well cared for. She’s loved. She’s an asset to the neighborhood."

WPIX found there is only one nay-sayer on the block, Morgie’s closest next-door neighbor.

“It’s six feet away from my kitchen window, unhappy neighbor Steve Coyne said. “It smells. The flies and mosquitoes are crazy. It whinnies all night long. It’s a nuisance."

The city has received three complaints, but article 161 of the city health code says as long as a horse is used for recreational, non-commercial purposes, it’s all OK.

The Elenanis also had a goat, which was against the law. It left the premises on Thursday.

“I spoke to a lawyer who says even if it’s legal, you can sure them, but it will be costly,” Coyne, the nay-saying neighbor, said

But for now, it’s just unbridled passion between Morgie and Abdul, the newest residents of Pommer Avenue.