State representative under fire for driving with suspended license

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Democratic State Representative Christine Sinicki is under fire by a conservative website claiming the lawmaker has been driving to and from Madison on a suspended license. posted Sinicki's per diem reports for 2013. Each month, Sinicki signed her name to the reports, indicating the Milwaukee representative was driving herself to her Madison office.

The per diem is a reimbursement for mileage. While not tied to a lawmaker's license or driving record, Media Trackers claims it's a "signed confirmation by Sinicki that she was driving at a time when her license was suspended."

Sinicki is defending herself, telling FOX6 News the issue stemmed from unpaid parking tickets in late 2011 or early 2012. When Sinicki was pulled over in Jefferson County for speeding -- court records show that happened in October -- Sinicki says she had no idea she was driving illegally.

"He said 'your license is suspended.' The following day I went and took care of it," said Sinicki.

Sinicki admits that on at least two separate occasions she didn't know her license was suspended and claims the whole ordeal was an honest mistake.

This is the second time Sinicki has been the target of media attention. Last week she took issue with the content of Governor Scott Walker's State of the State address.