State appeals court upholds conviction in cemetery homicide

MADISON — A state appeals court says a Kenosha man accused of strangling a woman and leaving her body in a cemetery was properly convicted.

Lisa Mezera

Prosecutors charged Javier Garcia with intentional homicide, sexual assault, false imprisonment, battery and theft in connection with Lisa Mezera's 2012 death. He was sentenced to life in 2014.

Garcia argued no male DNA was found on Mezera or there was no proof as to how she lost her clothing.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals upheld the conviction Wednesday, noting Garcia wanted a relationship but Mezera had rejected him, female DNA that could have been Mezera's was found in Garcia's vehicle and DNA under her fingernails could have come from Garcia. The court said a jury could have reasonably inferred guilt.

Garcia's attorney didn't return a message.

Javier Garcia