State appeals court upholds ban on felons owning guns

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A state appeals court says Wisconsin's ban on felons possessing firearms is constitutional.

Thomas Pocian of Hartford is fighting charges that he went deer hunting with his father's gun in 2008 even though he was convicted of felony forgery in 1986. He has argued the state's prohibition on felons possessing guns is unconstitutionally broad and shouldn't
apply to him because he didn't commit a violent crime. The 2nd District Court of Appeals disagreed.

The court pointed to a 2010 federal appeals court ruling that found banning felons from possessing guns is constitutional, adding no state law banning felons from possessing firearms has ever been struck down. The court said the ban applies to Pocian because he
committed a felony.

Pocian's attorney didn't immediately return a message Wednesday morning.