'Starting to get crazy:' Battle against mosquitoes, ticks is going to be fierce this summer

Battle against mosquitoes, ticks

MILWAUKEE -- The beginning of June marked the start of mosquito and tick season -- with the pests are already out in full force.

Experts said it does not take much to create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A pool of water the size of a bottle cap is enough for a single mosquito to lay about 1,000 eggs. That is all it takes for a swarm to begin.

"You go up, and the first tree that you hit with the spray, you just see a swarm come out," said Colin Philos of Mosquito Squad. "This time of year things are warming up and starting to get crazy."

Colin Philos

At Mosquito Squad, workers are paid to prevent mosquitoes and ticks from ruining a nice summer day.

"Put up a nice big barrier -- so we kill everything on your property, and then prevent everything from you neighbors flying on in," Philos said.

As the temperatures rise into the 50s and 60s, the mosquitoes start to hatch in your yard by the thousands.

Battle against mosquitoes, ticks

"We got to treat the source. They're going to breeding in standing waters," Philos said.

Philos said any degree of standing water is a means through which the insects can spawn, so Mosquito Squad does not just spray foliage, but also drops bug repellent chalks into larger bodies of water. Similar to the spray, chalks do not necessarily kill the insect, but rather prevent them from fostering offspring.

"Once things get warm, we should have already been out to your property," Philos said.

Operators of Mosquito Squad said they have spraying solutions for those who want a more natural approach to this pesky problem. CLICK HERE to learn more.