Start your engines! Former Waukesha business transforming into new electric go-cart track

WAUKESHA -- A brand-new type of racing is coming to the Milwaukee area and this new track is inside a location you wouldn't expect.

To the average passerby, this is just another former electronics store, now vacant. But step inside and you'll see it's about to be reborn.

"A lot of the retail that has gone away, the bricks and the mortar, that's been going away because of the rise of the internet -- it needs to be re-purposed. We're finding that the square footage on those buildings is ideal for this purpose," said Veloce Indoor Speedway Managing Partner, Hank Sorensen.

When it's finished in July, this building will look a bit different. It will soon be known as the "Veloce Indoor Speedway" -- an indoor, electric, high-powered go-cart track.

"It's extremely popular in Europe, there are over 600 tracks in Europe alone. In the U.S. it's really just taking hold for the first time," said Sorensen.

Hank Sorensen says it will be the first facility of its kind in Wisconsin. He also says you'll notice the difference between the standard outdoor gas-powered carts and these electric ones.

"You'll be at top speed in these carts at 3.2 seconds, they're very fast," Sorensen said.

They're hoping the sport, combined with the option to record your race via GoPro to share with your friends, will turn the building from a bust into a booming business.

"We haven't measured the total economic impact but let's just say the first year revenues of this will be in the very healthy seven figures," said Sorensen.

Sorensen says they'll have 20 to 25 employees at the new speedway.

If you'd like more information about applying for one of those positions, CLICK HERE.