'Start killing cops:' Man accused of threatening police on Facebook after deadly officer-involved shooting

RACINE -- Charges have been filed against a man accused of posting threatening messages toward law enforcement officers on Facebook.

The accused is 33-year-old Darryl Hibbler of Racine. He faces one count of terrorist threats (repeater) and one count of felony bail jumping (repeater).

According to the criminal complaint, on Jan. 18 authorities were made aware of Facebook posts made on an account entitled "Darryl Hibbler" that appeared to be threatening toward law enforcement officers.

When officers located Hibbler's Facebook profile, they found a post made on Jan. 17 that read, "People need start killing cops." It was followed by another post that read, "Ever body need to come together riot in the street."

During an interview with authorities, Hibbler admitted to making the posts. Hibbler stated that at the time of the post, he was angry about his friend getting killed. He told authorities he "said that stuff out of anger," and that he "is not going to kill a cop or anyone else," according to the criminal complaint.