'Star Trek' Phaser rifle once toted by Capt. Kirk auctioned for $231,000

(CNN) -- Capt. James T. Kirk always cut a formidable figure as commander of the starship USS Enterprise. It helped, too, to have some powerful toys -- like a one-of-a-kind Phaser rifle.

Somebody inherited some of Kirk's mojo, after paying $231,000 for the rifle that actor William Shatner once toted around while filming the "Star Trek" series in the 1960s, Julien's Auctions said Saturday.

The winning bid came in well over the auction house's $50,000 to $70,000 estimate.

According to Julien's, inventor Reuben Klamer created the weapon after NBC asked that the "Star Trek" pilot be "retooled for a more action-packed adventure."

"Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry "asked for a really big gun," the auction house said.

Shatner only used the Phaser rifle in the second pilot. Klamer then got it back (though it was used in some publicity photos) while Shatner, as Kirk, got a more familiar pistol used for the rest of the next three seasons.

The "Star Trek" showpiece was one of many pieces of Hollywood history that were part of the Julien's auction.

Other big-ticket items that were sold include a Munchkins flower plot from "The Wizard of Oz" that went for $15,000, a flying suit worn by Christopher Reeve in "Superman IV" that fetched $25,000, and a nightshirt that belonged to Marilyn Monroe that sold for $15,000.