St. Luke's hosts flash mob to bring awareness to organ donation

MILWAUKEE -- A flash mob at a Milwaukee hospital Monday, April 2nd was set up to bring attention to Organ and Tissue Donation Month.

Caregivers and doctors at St. Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee participated in the flash mob in the middle of the hospital to bring awareness to the need for more organ and tissue donors.

The flash mob was part of a national event to raise awareness.

FOX6 News spoke with a nurse about the challenges facing those waiting for organs. "People are dying every day, and we need people to know about donation, the importance of donating. Even if you can't donate organs, there's always tissues, there's bone marrow, there's eyes. There's so many other ways you can donate and help others," Ayanna Powell said.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation program, and to sign up to become a donor.