Spring sports teams battling Mother Nature this season

MEQUON (WITI) -- It is hard to believe that beyond the snow piles, the ice and the fencing -- an important practice was underway outdoors on Thursday, March 6th. The Concordia University Men's Lacrosse Team held its third outdoor practice on Thursday.

"It's nice to get out here, even if you have a chance to get out for 45 minutes," Kyle Burrell said.

Michael Fahey, the head coach of the Concordia University Men's Lacrosse team says the team is looking forward to warmer temperatures.

"We haven't really been able to get outside yet," Fahey said.

The team has been forced indoors -- or else, they're forced to battle uncomfortable conditions.

"As (one) game started, it just started snowing and it came down. I think we got two or three inches," Fahey said.

The cold weather has been brutal. Whether athletes are outside or inside, the consensus is cold weather is delaying playing time.

"It's kind of hard seeing four feet of snow on the ground when you're itching to get out there," Brett Bailey, Assistant Manager of Ballparks at The Rock said.

The Rock's indoor baseball facility has seen athletes coming in to prepare for the season ahead.

"This is the next best thing right now," Bailey said.

These teams that play in the spring are hoping they'll soon see more spring-like conditions in which to practice and play their games.

"I've been turning to the weather man this year, just looking at the forecast for the day and upcoming," Fahey said.

"We come to battle and get better everyday so we sort of have to fight whether it's another team or whether it's the cold," Kyle Burrell said.