"Spiderman" climbs world's tallest steel building

ZHENGZHOU, China -- Daredevil climber Alain Robert, known as the French Spiderman, successfully climbed the world's highest steel tower in China on Saturday.

The 388-meter-high Central Plains Fortaleza in Zhengzhou City, capital of central China's Henan Province, is the target of the spiderman's this time, although Alain will only be climbing to a platform 268 meters high. The tower, as the province's radio and television tower, has been the city's most prominent landmark.  

Robert is famous for scaling the world's tallest skyscrapers with no safety equipment except for a small bag of chalk and climbing shoes. He has climbed more than 70 giant structures around the globe.

This time, 50-year-old Alain climbed from the height of 103 meters along the glass surface of the tower's outer frame. He took a short break after reaching the platform at the height of 171 meters. Between the height of 200 meters and 250 meters, there is a section in the shape of downward-pointing triangle, where Alain climbed up a slope angled 30 degrees over the ground.

During the climb, two giant suction cups played an important role in assisting the climber. The suction cups with 20-centimeter diameters can bear a tension of 150 kilograms.

The climb lasted nearly two hours, finishing at about 11:45.  

The French climber who had been arrested more than 100 times for scaling heights without permit, had applied for a permit this time.