Special garage sale with charitable twist

MILWAUKEE -- Saturday morning, March 24th, the folks from PODS Milwaukee, and the folks from the Junior League of Milwaukee got together for a special storage/sorting opportunity. It was a special garage sale to benefit charity.

The Grand Garage Sale began seven years ago and this year, 10 PODS containers were filled with items donated by the Junior League of Milwaukee's 650-plus members. "This is a way to help our members give back to the community, and fund our community projects all at the same time! Our members are expected to donate $150 worth of items, but many donate much, much more," Katie Dahm with the Junior League of Milwaukee said.

The donations are stored in donated containers, until the 20-plus volunteers organize them for the sale in April. "The 'Grand Garage Sale' is our annual sale the Junior League hosts to raise money for our community projects!" Grand Garage Sale chair Deanne Waliszewski said.

One such community project is called "Teen Transition." "One of our signature projects, right now, is the 'Teen Transition' Program, which helps foster kids age-out of the foster care system - helps them get on their feet, and prepare for jobs and prepare for life on their own," Dahm said.

Those with PODS say having helped save the Junior League more than $8,000 in moving and storage costs over the years helps them feel as though they're part of the effort, and the community. "They're all working so hard and they're having a great time, and it's really cool. I hope that they do great on the sale!" PODS Sales Coordinator Carol Dain said.

The "Grand Garage Sale" is scheduled for April 27th and 28th, at Milwaukee's Serb Hall.

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CLICK HERE for more information on the Grand Garage Sale via Junior League Milwaukee's website.