Spare tires, rims stolen from truck dealerships in southeast Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Police across southeast Wisconsin say crooks are going to great lengths to make a quick buck. They're targeting car dealerships, but not for a new ride.

Early in December, someone came to the Amato Ford dealership in Mukwonago after hours and removed spare tires from four Ford F-150 trucks.

"To sell them as parts.  I'm not really sure," said Matt Weinstock, general manager at Amato Ford.

The suspect got right under the truck and cut the cable that holds the spare in place. All of the trucks were parked right in front of a 24-hour car wash. Police say that's a pretty gutsy move.

Sgt. Dan Streit of the Mukwonago Police Department says the same thing  happened just up the street the night before at Lynch Chevrolet. There, the suspect walked away with six spare tires. The total loss to both dealerships is about $5,000.

"We believe that the same people are responsible. The thefts happened in the same manner," said Streit.

Streit says this is part of a larger trend. Police in Glendale tell FOX6 News, two tires were taken in November from Infiniti International -- and in Saukville, investigators say tires and rims valued at $2,600 were taken from the Eric Von Schledorn dealership on Monday. Police say the criminal in that case did things a bit differently.

"The car's been jacked up and left resting on cinder blocks and they remove the tires that way," said Streit.

In Brown Deer, four tires and four times were taken from the North Shore Audi in late November. The total loss there was also about $2,600.

In all of these cases, police say there are no suspects in custody.