Spanish woman bears uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump

GALICIA, Spain – A freelance journalist went to a rural area in Spain looking for a story about the aftermath of a series of storms – and found President Donald Trump's doppelgänger.

“My photo seems to have traveled far," Dolores Leis Antelo told La Voz de Galicia. "I say it might be because of the color of my hair.”

The world has journalist Ana Vasquez to thank for the photo, which social media has since turned into an international phenomenon. Vasquez met Antelo, who doesn't have a computer or phone, on the Cabana de Bergantiños farm in Galicia she's lived on for 40 years.

"Dolores was going to her farm to pick some cabbages," Vasquez told Faro de Vigo. "So I talked with her for a while, while a girlfriend was taking pictures of her, and I took the opportunity to take another photo with my cellphone."

When La Voz de Galicia asked Antelo about the attention her photo is getting, she laughed it off, saying she looks at what her children show her but doesn't have any interest in the digital world. "They say I'm going to be famous because of that photo, but I just don't understand it."

Antelo's daughter, Ana, is a bit more excited – "Imagine if we were in Donald Trump’s family!” she told the paper.