South Shore Frolics return after financial woes

BAY VIEW (WITI) -- The South Shore Frolics marches on this weekend in Bay VIew after taking the year off in 2012 due to financial difficulties.

The parade, organized by the Bay View Lion's Club, is considered the longest in Milwaukee County, stretching over two miles. Over 20,000 spectators line the streets to watch the event.

"I can't tell you how excited people are to find out that there's a parade this year," said Parade Chair Carol Kraco.

Kraco believes folks have a renewed passion for the Frolics this year after struggles in 2012.

"It was enormously difficult, and it almost happened again this year," said Kraco.

Organizers say there simply wasn't enough money to hold the event last year. The parade itself costs the Lion's Club around $30,00 to cover city fees and permits. Any funds raised on top of that are donated to charities helping the visually impaired.

Bay View resident Patty Pritchard Thompson made it her mission to keep the event alive. Thompson lobbied city leaders for help, which led to a sponsorship with We Energies.

"It's about bringing the community together and making sure we're together, showing off the best of Bay View," said Thompson.

Donations are already being solicited for 2014 to keep the parade in step with Bay View history.