Sorry, SweetHeart: Popular Valentine’s candy hearts mostly blank

(WIAT) — After missing the 2019 Valentine season, SweetHearts conversation candies are returning, but that’s not saying much. Literally.

Due to a production mishap, the majority of SweetHearts candies, typically inscribed with sweet nothings, are now just sweets with nothing on them.

The popular candy was purchased by Spangler Candy Company after the original maker, Necco, filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Although the purchase was made too late for the candies to have a 2019 season, Spangler was determined to revive them for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Unfortunately for Spangler, they ran into a few production obstacles. When Spangler was transferring all of Necco’s equipment from Boston to their own production house in Ohio, some of the equipment, including the printers, was damaged along the way.

The folks at got their hands on 10 boxes of the candies and noted how many SweetHearts actually had something on them and how many didn’t. The group found:

    The group was told by a Spangler spokesperson that there will be a limited supply of candies this year due to all the production setbacks. Learn more about the SweetHearts mishap and watch an unboxing video here.