Son thwarts robbery at former Dodge Co. Sheriff Todd Nehls' home

FOX LAKE (WITI) -- One Dodge County burglar picked the wrong house to rob on Wednesday, December 11th. The suspect in this case was held at gunpoint, arrested quickly -- and is accused of targeting a former Dodge County sheriff!

The suspect in this case thought he would get away with money, jewelry and even a gun -- but he was stopped in his tracks by someone very familiar with catching criminals.

Taylor Nehls made a pit stop at his parents' Fox Lake home around noon on Wednesday.

"I pulled into the driveway. I noticed a black vehicle that was still running. As soon as my foot hit the living room floor, I heard a noise upstairs," Nehls said.

Nehls is a newly-employed Sheriff's deputy. On Wednesday he visited the home of his mother, and father -- who happens to be former Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls.

"Come to find out a guy in his 40s, married with three gorgeous daughters came banging on my front door," Todd Nehls told FOX6 News.

When the man couldn't get in, Todd Nehls says the  man found an unlocked side door and headed in the home.

"He immediately entered the house and proceeded to the master bedroom," Todd Nehls said.

The man took jewelry, money and a gun belonging to the former sheriff.

Nehls' son stopped the man in his tracks before he could get away.

"Great instincts. He immediately verbally directed him to show himself and put his hands against the wall. Did a pat search -- found a loaded handgun," Todd Nehls said.

"I proceeded to go upstairs and the second that I turned the corner, I saw an individual try and hide on me. I then identified myself as a police officer and forced him up against the wall and I got my phone out and dialed 911. I grabbed the handgun out of the holster, armed myself with it and ordered him down to the ground at gunpoint," Taylor Nehls said.

Police arrived, and the man was taken into custody.

"It went as good as it could've gone," Taylor Nehls said.

"Good ending. Thank the good Lord for looking down on our house. It could've been a very different ending," Todd Nehls said.

Todd Nehls owns several rental properties. He says one of those homes was robbed on Wednesday, and investigators are working to figure out of the two incidents are related.