Someone is loosening the lug nuts on car tires in Oklahoma

NOBLE, Okla. - “Thank God we’ve taught her to pay attention  to her car. She’s only been driving six months," a woman who didn't want to be identified for safety reasons. On Thursday, her 16-year-old daughter was driving in Cleveland County when the car started making a noise, according to KFOR.

“Mom, the car’s shaking and it’s making a really weird sound," she told her mom. She then drove it to a tire shop. “Mom, it was missing a lug nut and all of the other lug nuts on it the guy said were about to fall off.”

“Somebody who’s willing to loosen the lug nuts on a car with no regard for the dangers that puts anybody in, I’m not willing to chance our safety more than it’s already been chanced," the mom told KFOR.

Another woman had a similar complaint, except she actually crashed. She also didn't want to be identified.

"One football field from where I turned at, my wheel flew off," she said. "It flew under my car, my car hopped over it and it ended up about 15 feet in the woods and I crashed into a ditch."

Her car was totaled.

"It looked like it broke off at the lug nuts. That the lug nuts were loose," she said.

But when she got home, more scary news.

"I get home and the other vehicle in my driveway also has the front passenger side tire loosened and also missing two lugs," she said. "So whoever did it, did it to both of the cars in my driveway."

Both women have called police and several other people have complained online.

"I could be talking about my dead daughter or my severely injured daughter," said the mom of the teen. "Like, these people can't do this. This is not okay. It's not funny."