Some Valentine's Day flower deliveries ruined by winter weather

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- While the winter weather and snow storms are causing problems for many parts of the country, one Milwaukee flower business is seeing the benefits, especially during Valentine's Day.

Workers at Welke's House of Roses and Flowers say the freezing temperatures and snow have destroyed some deliveries out east, while bumping up business at home.

"A lot of the online order gatherers were drop-shipping packages so they were leaving them at doorsteps and with the sub-zero temperatures and the slush, when they would get their packages, flowers were frozen and dead and moldy," said Nikki Lemler, VP at Welke's. "We've gotten some of that business, yes. They come in and they want to know what they can do."

Good weather conditions on Friday were more than welcome for Milwaukee delivery drivers who have had some woes of their own in recent weeks.

"When we saw the sun out this morning and the bright white, we were excited," said Lemler.

Lemler says one deliver order out of Miami involved 600 dozen flowers, all of which were ruined by the time they arrived for distribution in southeastern Wisconsin.