Some claim quality of care lacking at Kindred ahead of closure

GREENFIELD (WITI) -- Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation is one of the state's largest nursing homes. Kindred announced plans to close back in October -- saying he size and age of the facility just isn’t a good fit in today’s health care environment. Now, some who reside and receive care there say the quality of that care is lacking as the facility's closure approaches.

Kindred was required to submit a "relocation plan" to the Department of Health Services -- and wait 120 days after the plan was approved before it could shut its doors.

"We knew they were closing," Joe Dobek said.

But for weeks, Carol Dobek and her son Joe didn't know when the Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation Facility at 60th and Layton would close.

"Once you get your 30-day notice, then you know for sure," Carol Dobek said.

Dobek says her notice came on February 6th, and she will now need to find a new facility. She and her son believe this situation may have been avoidable.

"From the last, let's say, 30 to 40 days that they started this, if she would've gotten the correct therapy she would be home and we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore, so I think it's a letdown on their part," Joe Dobek said.

The two claim that from the therapy, to medication distribution, to meals, Dobek's quality of care has suffered as the facility's closing creeps closer.

"She should've checked. I only get one pill, not two of that kind. The other day we had a hot dog and a bowl of spinach," Carol Dobek said.

"Give me some answers -- some documentation, you know, just to let me know why can't she have therapy? Why did you clean out your therapy room before you did close?" Joe Dobek said.

Kindred administrators issued a statement to FOX6 News, saying they are continuing with the state-approved relocation plan, explaining: "We are working closely with residents and families as we move forward with the plan to cease operations. We have assured all residents and their family members that we are committed to continuing to provide the highest quality of care and services to our residents."

A Kindred spokesperson has told FOX6 News Kindred will pay relocation costs for residents and does not anticipate closing before spring.