Some blame our culture for teaching kids to be violent

MILWAUKEE -- Are we teaching kids to be violent? Some blame our culture, whether it's movies, music, video games or even the news. 

Parents like Brenda Jackson are on guard these days because of all the media kids are consuming.

"A lot of it comes from television or music itself. A lot of the cursing, the video games with the killing, they get it from a lot of places," said Jackson.

Dr. Chris Morano is the director of Emergency Mobile Mental Health Services for Children in Milwaukee County. He says some kids might be more at risk and can't handle being exposed to violence in the same way as other kids. Dr. Morano offers these warning signs.

"Setting fires, mistreating animals, bed wetting maybe other bodily problems later in childhood... teasing others, if your child is bullied significantly," said Dr. Morano.

Dr. Morano says these children might be predisposed to aggression and more likely to act out what they see. but the most important thing for parents to do, he says, it talk to your children about violence -- and not wait until he or she is in trouble.

Dr. Morano says for most kids, you just need to talk to them about what's appropriate and what's normal -- and that's all it takes. He says parents are the best experts on their kids. If they don't seem like they can handle it, then it's your job to keep them isolated from it as much as you can.

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