Soldier returns home, just in time for the holidays

MILWAUKEE -- As combat operations come to an end in Iraq, many of our soldiers still won't be home for the holidays. But for one Milwaukee family, their soldier will be home for Christmas.

On Saturday, back from his first tour of duty in Iraq, 21-year-old Private First Class Kalvin McElroy is back in Milwaukee, his hometown.

"I wanted to run, I wanted to run to her and just hug her, old school. Just the way I used to do it. Just run up and hug her," McElroy said.

The three year Army veteran left his family around Thanksgiving last year. McElroy worked as a gunner in the U.S. Army, protecting high ranking military leaders. It's that dangerous line of work that made his mother constantly worrying.

His mother Jacqueline McElroy says, "I'm glad he's back and I'm proud of him. What he's doing but I miss him so much when he's away."

Even though his sister Shyquetta communicated with her younger brother via Skype and email, she almost didn't recognize him. "How he looks now, how much he's matured because he used to be my goofy little brother," Shyquetta says.

McElroy says he is looking forward to getting back to his favorite American pastimes: family, working out, playing sports, and eating home cooked meals.

However, McElroy is just trying to stay in shape as much as he can. In the next three weeks he has to report to duty once again, as he prepares for a mission to Afghanistan in the year 2013.