Sojourner Family Peace Center has seen uptick in calls after FOX6 PSAs

MILWAUKEE -- Since FOX6 News began airing domestic violence public service announcements in the wake of the domestic violence related shooting at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield, Dolly Grimes-Johnson with the Sojourner Family Peace Center says she has seen more calls to their 24-hour hotline.

"When the PSAs started it spiked a little bit more, so I think what it has done is increased awareness of it and have people talking more and more about it, which is a good thing," Grimes-Johnson said.

Grimes-Johnson is Sojourner's Director of Shelter Services, and says people have been calling for a wide range of reasons.

"People are calling for resources sometimes, calling to just talk about their situation, calling to ask questions, calling to identify what their situation is, about what's happening to them. They may not be sure how to identify it or how to describe it, so they may need some help with that," Grimes-Johnson said.

Grimes-Johnson says the PSAs, which started in part as a reaction to something tragic have turned into something incredible -- spurring a much-needed effort in the community.

"Domestic violence shouldn't be spoken about only when there's a tragedy or on special occasions -- but as an ongoing topic because it is a problem in our community and we need to keep it in our awareness," Grimes-Johnson said.

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