Social Media Tourism Symposium hosted by...

MILWAUKEE -- It appears El Paso, Texas and NOT Milwaukee will be the host of a massive social media convention in November. It is called the Social Media Tourism Symposium. And event organizers revealed on Monday their "predetermined formula" for choosing El Paso over our city. Milwaukee is the alternate should El Paso not be able to host the conference.

Event organizers with SoMeT12 say their "formula took into the play the overall initial proposal rankings and seedings – which is worth 50% of the formula. The other 50% was determined by overall community participation & total number of votes by the destination in all three rounds."

Up until Monday, the location of the conference was being chosen through a bracket voting system (aka March Madness). Milwaukee had to beat Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, St. Louis and Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania for the opportunity to be considered a finalist by SoMeT12 officials.

El Paso defeated San Marcos, Texas, Buffalo-Niagara, New York and Cleveland to be considered a finalist.

Again, Milwaukee is still an alternate. SoMeT12 is requesting formal proposals from each city this week. But right now, it appears El Paso will get the bid.

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