Soccer balls being sent from Milwaukee to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan

MILWAUKEE -- Some help is headed from Milwaukee to Syrian refugees.

Mount Mary University students spent the day deflating soccer balls and stuffing them into suitcases.

Those balls will be sent to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.

Dr. Tarif Bakdash is a pediatric neurologist, and a Syrian-American. He will bring the balls to the refugees when he makes the trip in two weeks.

"Collect soccer balls, and squish them, and put as many as we can in a couple suitcases, and with a couple of things to blow them up on the other side, and the kids in Jordan that he'll be serving will have new soccer balls," Jennifer Laske, assistant professor at Mount Mary said.

Dr. Bakdash works at Children's Hospital and has made multiple trips to help people living in the Syrian refugee trips. He holds weekly Skype calls with a clinic in Syria as well.