Sky-high Budweiser beer banners being removed in Manitowoc

MANITOWOC (AP) -- The cityscape has been altered in Manitowoc. Sky-high Budweiser beer bottle banners on the side of three downtown grain silos have been a highly-visible landmark for nearly 20 years. But, they are in the process of being removed.

Anheuser-Busch sold the old malting plant last year to Riverland Ag Corp., which has until the end of the year to remove the signage.

Karen Suggitt snapped a photo of the Bud banners as crews worked high above the ground to remove them. Suggitt says she worked for at the malting plant for 33 years and has a lot of memories.

Across the street from the plant is Bay Title and Abstract. Terry Dimmick says his office will now be harder to find. Dimmick told people coming to his office to just aim for the beer bottles.