Six trains cancelled on Amtrak's Hiawatha line Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Amtrak cancelled six of its trains on its Milwaukee to Chicago Hiawatha line on Tuesday, January 7th. It faced complications from the same weather system that has been hassling travelers on other modes of transport. The trains are expected to be back on schedule on Wednesday, January 8th.

You'll forgive Deundra Roberson if he sounds a little skeptical about the trains getting back to normal.

"I actually started in Kankakee. The train never showed up there for three schedules. It finally shows up at one o'clock, we get to Chicago," said Roberson.

This all happened on Monday. He sat around Union Station in Chicago for a few hours before...

"They tell us the train's going to be on time, then it's not on time. Then they put us on a bus and send us to Milwaukee."

It was not a trip Roberson enjoyed. He stayed at Milwaukee's Amtrak station under nearly midnight when he was able to contact some friends about a place to stay. He had been heading to Minnesota. But not, it's looking like he'll just be turning right back around.

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