Six-hour standoff on Milwaukee's south side ends with no one hurt

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There is a tactical situation happening near Becher and Grant in Milwaukee on Friday, September 12th.

Milwaukee Police are involved in a standoff that's been going on all afternoon.

FOX6 News is told by a police source that a homicide suspect is holed up inside a home -- the area has been blocked off for several hours.

FOX6 News arrived around 1:30 p.m., but neighbors tell us this tactical situation has been happening since Friday morning.

Crews on scene have been hearing police on a loud speaker asking the suspect to come through the door. There may be others inside the home, including children.

Neighbors have been watching these events unfold, from a nearby street corner.

"They're trying to take and talk him out of the house and he's still not taking and coming out, all I know is there's kids involved," said neighbor, Mary Mosconi.

A review of the subject's history indicated a lengthy record, which required a tactical team and a negotiator.

After six hours the decision was made to enter the residence. At that point, the suspect gave up. The suspect is described as a man in his 30's.

In the house at the time of the incident were four females, one 16-year-old, and the others were adults.

The individual taken into custody has been a known participant in human trafficking and has been involved with several drug houses around the city.

There were no injuries during this situation.