Sisters learn CPR in school, use it to save their father's life: "I wouldn’t be around if they didn’t start the CPR"

VIRGINIA -- Knowledge is power, but triplets from Virginia know it can also save lives. The two sisters, age 13, used their knowledge of CPR to save their father's life.

In November, Melissa and Mackenzie Zimmerman were home with their father Keith when they suddenly heard a crash.

Their father's heart had stopped and he had fallen to the ground.

"My dad was like, laying on the ground. He was pale and like, stuff. I started slapping him. I thought he was passed out. I thought if I slapped him he would wake up," Mackenzie Zimmerman said.

During the hectic few moments, the sisters called their mother Penny, a professional nurse, who was at a nearby shopping center with brother Mason.

"The phone rings. I thought my daughters were fighting. I heard screaming. My daughter said ‘Daddy fell and he is making a funny noise,'" Penny Zimmerman said.

Penny knew with her husband’s past heart problems the situation was grave and time was of the essence.

"I went through the red lights. Honking horn. Sticking arms out and stopping traffic," Penny Zimmerman said.