Sisters find out they're pregnant, share a due date, and each gives birth within a 22-hour period!

PENNSYLVANIA (WITI) -- Two Pennsylvania sisters became pregnant at the same time, and even had the same due dates! After going through nine months of pregnancy together, the girls gave birth within the same 22-hour period!

FOX6's sister station, FOX29 in Pennsylvania, Emily Whitaker and Brigid Bink are as close as can be. Born four years apart, they were the Maid of Honors at each other's weddings.

Recently, their close relationship was taken to another level!

FOX29 reports it all began with a pizza party. Brigid and Lee Bink announced they were pregnant with their first child.

On the way home, Brigid's younger sister Emily and her husband Colin were discussing how Emily had been feeling a bit odd for the past few weeks -- so they decided to take a pregnancy test.

Emily was pregnant!

She shared the happy news with her sister, Brigid the very next day.

FOX29 reports the sisters ended up sharing a due date of September 15th -- but both babies would end up entering the world a bit sooner than that.

FOX29 reports Jack Bink was born on Wednesday, September 10th at 7:34 a.m.

Emily went to visit her sister at the hospital -- meeting her new nephew.

22 hours later, Emily was at the hospital -- giving birth to her son, Owen. Owen was born at 5:39 a.m. on September 11th.

FOX29 reports these babies are the first grandchildren in the family.

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