Simply "proud:" 200+ people take the oath to become American citizens

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 205 people representing 68 countries around the world became American citizens in Milwaukee on Friday, November 21st.

Those who gathered for the naturalization ceremony studied, took their exam, passed a background check -- and then they took the Oath of Allegiance. It was administered by the Honorable Nancy Joseph, a naturalized citizen from Haiti.

Gerois di Marco from Venezuela took the oath.

"Been here for a long time. My life is here. I'm definitely attached with the values of the country, the opportunities," said di Marco.

Husam Ghalib and his wife, Salwa, attended college in the U.S., went back to their native Iraq, and after 47 years, they got their citizenship together. Ghalib says President Obama's plan for immigrants who haven't made it this far is okay with him.

"President Obama is something else because he's concerned about all the people," said Ghalib.

Layla Torres took her oath on her wedding anniversary. Her husband is in the Middle East serving in the U.S. Navy.

"He's so proud to be American and my daughter too and I have a baby boy to and that's very important for us," said Torres.

Judge Joseph told everyone to find ways to serve their new country -- and make it greater.