Shooting range, ammo business booming amid coronavirus pandemic

MEQUON -- Shut down or altered service, the spread of the coronavirus has businesses all across southeastern Wisconsin changing their day-to-day routines. But one Mequon business is actually seeing an increase in customers -- and handling it all within the rules.

Getting out of the house at a place that's complying with guidelines associated with the coronavirus, Cheryle Rebholz -- co-owner and founder of Bear Arms Boutique Shooting Range -- says business has actually ramped-up since the pandemic and reassured the public about sanitation.

Cheryle Rebholz

"We bleach the door handles, wash the surfaces, disinfect our eyes and ears (protection) we rent," Rebholz said. "We are one of the only ranges in the state that has an air reclamation system, a filtration system that recycles our air from outside every three minutes."

She believes the influx of people stems from some just wanting to get out, but be in a controlled environment.

"We are honoring the cap of how many people can come in," she said.

If live fire isn't your thing, there is a simulator with over 800 different games and scenarios open to anyone over 8 years old. Besides recreation, paperwork and ammunition requests are keeping staff busy.

"The number one request when they come in is they need a box of ammo," said Rebholz. "If we see that we are running short, we are going to limit them, too, to make sure there is enough to go around for everybody."

The owners of Bear Arms tell FOX6 News that they are thinking of opening for an extra hour on Sundays so they can meet demand for purchases as well as the volume of shooters so everyone can get in at some point while maintaining social distance. As a reminder, with more kids being home, gun safety is paramount. The business offers tips and classes on how to properly store weapons, too.