Sheboygan crews use blend of road salt, brine to keep your drive safe

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- The City of Sheboygan Department of Public Works is responsible for about 200 miles of streets when it snows.

On Monday, November 24th, the precipitation changed from light rain to snow around 2:00 p.m. As soon as that happened, crews from the DPW were out the door with about a dozen salt trucks. Three of those big rigs are new -- and hold up to 15 tons of road salt. But not all of it will be used -- because it will be mixed with a brine blend.

"We have an applicator nozzle that applies it right to the salt spinner and from here it disperses," said David Biebel, Director of Public Works.

That's something officials say will be especially handy whenever the snow falls.

"It looks like it's going to start out wet. And then what happens is with the cold freeze right behind, it if we don`t get good salt down, it can basically pack to the road," said Biebel.

Along with the salt trucks, Biebel said they would have a few plows and other pieces of equipment on the roads -- keeping them clear as the snow accumulated.

Meanwhile, because the storm peaked during the evening rush hour Monday, some experienced a white-knuckle kind of ride!

Shawn Wehner fixes coffee machines all over southeastern Wisconsin. He says he probably put in 300 miles on Monday.

Wehner says on days like these, the weather isn't his only concern. He says he also worries about his fellow drivers.

"I really saw a lot of people flying around and getting crazy on the road and it`s tough out there. It`s cold, slippery," Wehner said.

Another obstacle for drivers Monday was the strong gusts of wind -- especially challenging for truck drivers.

"It's like a big sail there, that trailer, so you gotta be really careful because it'll blow you off the road," Jim Justmann said.

Despite the challenges, Wehner says he's ready for the next job.

"It`s who we are. We`re hearty. We`re Badgers folks and Packers fans and that`s what it`s all about here in Wisconsin, right?" Wehner said.

Sheboygan County Transportation Director Greg Schnell says the county's Highway Department sent out 43 plow trucks on Monday afternoon. The hope was a combination of salt, clear roads and smart would keep everyone safe.

The Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department reported about 20 cars off the road -- mostly on I-43 and State Highway 57 and State Highway 23. Additionally, the Sheriff's Department reported four crashes, but no injuries were reported.

Sheboygan County's Highway Department will have six plow trucks out overnight -- getting the roads ready for Tuesday morning's commute.