"She really loves her Santa:" Shiba Inu can't handle meeting Santa; her favorite toy in real life!

A dog’s adorable reaction to meeting the real-life version of her favorite stuffed toy is going viral.

Kya, a one-year-old Shiba Inu, was given a stuffed Santa Claus for Christmas last year, according to Buzzfeed. Her owner, 16-year-old John Mantaldo, said it quickly became her favorite toy.

“She really loves her Santa, and she has to have it year-round,” said Mantaldo’s 19-year-old sister, Angelina. “Whenever we come home, she brings it to us.”

So when the family saw an advertisement for a photo session with Santa, they knew they had to go.

When they got there, Angelina said Kya, who is normally hyper, became calm and just looked at her hero.

“She just sat there and looked at him,” Angelina said. “She usually misbehaves when we take her to Petsmart, but she was behaving for Santa.”

On November 22nd, John posted a Tweet with photos of the toy and Kya with Santa. Since then, it has more than 88,000 retweets and 148,000 likes.

You can follow more of Kya’s adventures on Instagram.