Sequestration may soon impact Wisconsin's unemployed

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The looming threats of sequestration will soon hit some of Wisconsin's unemployed. Starting the week of April 8th, they will see less in their weekly checks.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch was in Milwaukee on Friday, March 15th to talk about job creation and filling the skills gap. She says when it comes to sequestration, her hands are tied.

"Sequestration is something we've been concerned about for a long time. We have seen this coming and we think it's pretty unfortunate. The states and federal government have not been given the ability to be pickier about what things need to be cut," said Kleefisch.

As a result of the across-the-board cuts, people collecting emergency unemployment compensation will have their weekly checks decreased by 10.7%. According to the Department of Workforce Development, that's going to affect about 30,000 people in Wisconsin. State officials have no choice but to combat the impact with increased workforce development.

Those unemployed may be devastated by the cuts, but state officials say it boasts nearly 45,000 open jobs that it's trying to connect to job seekers.