Sentencing delayed for Shorewood man accused of child pornography, stalking

Matthew Cullen-Williams

SHOREWOOD -- The sentencing of a Shorewood man charged with using social media to threaten and harass his classmates was delayed. This, after 19-year-old Matthew Cullen-Williams checked himself into a hospital.

Cullen-Williams was supposed to be seated next to his attorney to face his victims on Wednesday, Jan. 2 -- but hours before his sentencing, he checked himself into a hospital.

"Mr. Cullen-Williams’ mother said he was incoherent. She had concerns and took him to a medical center, where he has had contact before," said Cullen-Williams' attorney.

Prosecutor Erin Karshen didn't buy it.

"This is not the first time he has checked into a facility to avoid court," said Karshen.

A criminal complaint alleges Cullen-Williams created more than 16 fake accounts on multiple social media platforms to harass at least two victims. He forced one of the victims to have sexual intercourse with him through threats — and published sexually-explicit images of that victim without the victim’s consent.

"He did this to manipulate people. He did this so he could control their lives -- and that’s exactly what he is doing now," said Karshen.

Cullen-Williams was supposed to accept a plea and be sentenced Wednesday, so that three victims, who now live out of state, could attend and testify. Instead, his mother texted a doctor's note to his attorney, asking to be excused from court.

"This is again another attempt for Mr. Cullen-Williams to control these victims' lives and to torment them and torture them, as they were prepared for sentencing and they were prepared for closure today, and he is taking that away from them," said Karshen.

Cullen-Williams faces charges in separate cases -- filed in August and April of 2018.

He faces one count of threats to communicate derogatory information, and pleaded guilty on Dec. 27.

He pleaded guilty to four charges the same day in the April case:

    The judge ordered Cullen-Williams to be examined by a doctor with the state's forensic unit. Attorneys would return to court for an update on Friday, Jan. 4.

    The prosecutors asked the judge to issue a bench warrant -- ordering Cullen-Williams to court immediately. The judge stayed that warrant until Friday's hearing.