SENTENCED: Probation, drug court for woman accused of breaking into home in Union Grove

RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- Accused of breaking into a home in August, 24-year-old Alicia Rushing of Union Grove has reached a plea deal in the case against her.

In court on Tuesday, December 23rd, Alicia Rushing pleaded guilty to a felony burglary of a building or dwelling charge. Four misdemeanor charges (criminal tresspassing, disorderly conduct, resisting or obstructing an officer and possessing an illegally obtained prescription) were dismissed as a result of the plea deal.

Rushing was sentenced to two years in prison and two years of extended supervision -- but that sentence was stayed.

Instead, Rushing was ordered to serve three years probation, and take part in the Drug Court Program. Rushing has been ordered to serve 180 days in the Racine County Jail until a bed is ready is residential treatment. Once that happens, the remaining jail time will be stayed.

Rushing must pay court costs and have maintain absolute sobriety. She has been ordered to have no contact with the victims in this case.

Racine County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a home near 9th Avenue and High Street in Union Grove on August 6th for a burglary in progress.

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with homeowners, who advised that they were awakened by a woman in their residence.

The woman was discovered in the kitchen of the home, where she remained until deputies arrived. The criminal complaint filed against Rushing says the female homeowner told officials her husband detained Rushing in the kitchen.

When officials arrived on scene, the complaint says the male homeowner was holding Rushing in the kitchen.

The male homeowner told officials he was sleeping on the couch when he woke to a noise in the kitchen. The complaint says he told officials he looked in the kitchen and saw Rushing standing on a chair — going through a cabinet where medicine is kept.

The complaint says the male homeowner asked Rushing what she was doing — and that’s when she stepped down from the chair and began to walk towards the door from the kitchen to the garage — while carrying the female homeowner’s purse.

The complaint says the male homeowner was able to shut the door to the garage and apprehend Rushing until law enforcement officials arrived on scene.

The complaint says while waiting for law enforcement officials to arrive, Rushing told the homeowners “Julie” had given her the code to the garage — but the homeowners said they were not familiar with a “Julie” — saying the items Rushing had taken belonged to the female homeowner — and that there is no code to enter the garage.

The complaint says the female homeowner’s purse was dumped out onto the kitchen table — and her wallet was torn apart, with several of her cards missing. Her license and checkbook were removed from the purse.

When the female homeowner located her purse, she discovered there were medications in the purse — and she says she never keeps medication in her purse — according to the complaint.

The female homeowner told officials Rushing appeared “out of it” — like she was on drugs, according to the complaint.

Both the male and female homeowners told officials they do not know Rushing.

The complaint against Rushing says she retrieved three cards from her bra — two credit cards bearing the female homeowner’s name, and one card bearing the male homeowner’s name.

The complaint says Rushing told officials she had come to the home with her friend “Julie” — and had entered the home to retrieve money owed to Julie by the male homeowner.

The complaint says Rushing told officials she was with two men, who were running around, breaking into cars. She also told officials to check on the well-being of her four-year-old child — first saying the child was alone in her apartment, and then saying the child was in the care of her mother.

Eventually, Sheriff’s deputies located the child with the child’s paternal grandfather.

At the Racine County Jail, the complaint says officials retrieved five loose pills on Rushing — for which she told officials she has a valid prescription — but she was unable to provide any documentation for the pills and the pills were not contained within a proper prescription bottle.

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