SENTENCED: Decades in prison for Delorean Bryson for murder of George Webb employee Reggie Evans

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 29-year-old Delorean Bryson has been sentenced to 42 years in state prison in connection with the shooting death of a George Webb employee.

Delorean Bryson

Bryson was charged with two felonies: first-degree reckless homicide and possession of a firearm.

On the first charge, he was sentenced to 37 years in state prison, and 15 years of extended supervision.

On the second charge, he was sentenced to five years in state prison, and five years of extended supervision -- running consecutive to the first sentence.

In all, Bryson was sentenced to 42 years in state prison.

The shooting took place at the George Webb Restaurant near Oakland and Locust on Milwaukee’s east side on December 20th, 2013. The victim was 21-year-old “Reggie” Evans.

"He was somebody who was trying to make a living for himself. From what everybody told me, he loved his job," a prosecutor said during Bryson's sentencing hearing Wednesday.

According to the criminal complaint against Bryson, just before 2 a.m. a group of four people entered the restaurant. A female worker at the restaurant noted to police the four “appeared to be drunk.”

Moments later, the complaint indicates an argument broke out between Bryson and a man at the restaurant’s counter. That led to shouting. The complaint says Bryson then “began throwing jelly packs and coffee creamers” at the man at the counter.

Evans, a cook at the restaurant, then came out from the kitchen to try to calm the situation. The complaint indicates Bryson then began fighting with Evans. Two women, Joycelyn and Schalanda Long, who were with Bryson allegedly joined in the fight by “throwing hot coffee and coffee pots” at Evans. At that point, Bryson left the restaurant.

The complaint indicates Bryson returned to the restaurant a few moments later, pointed a gun at Evans and fired a shot. Evans was struck in the chest by a single bullet — and died inside the restaurant.

The complaint indicates Bryson then took off.

Officers say Oliver Kennedy admitted he drove Bryson from the shooting scene. According to the complaint, this entire altercation was captured by a surveillance camera.

Police were able to locate those involved in this fight because “one of the receipts (at the restaurant) was for food ordered by this group of people.” That led officers to Schalanda Long.

Bryson faced up to life in prison in the case.

He entered the courtroom for his sentencing hearing on Wednesday, August 27th shackled and handcuffed with no emotion.

His mother sat watching as the state asked for her son to be sent to jail for 37 years in connection with Evans' death, with an additional three years for the weapons charge -- with prosecutors saying enough is enough -- describing how Bryson had been in trouble several times before, and each time, only given probation. This time, prosecutors urged Bryson be placed behind bars.

Bryson's defense team asked for 20 years -- saying Bryson can become a productive member of society after he serves time for the crime.

During his sentencing hearing, Bryson apologized for his actions -- while the restaurant's owner said the impact can still be felt.

"I wish his mother was here to hear me tell her that I apologize. I never meant to kill her son at all," Bryson said.

The prosecutor read a statement from the victim's mother, that read in part: "We are still grieving and dealing with the senseless killing of my baby. I believe that we will need long-time therapy to cope with our loss."

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