SENTENCED: 26-year-old Nick Propson will serve time in jail for Fourth of July leap at Acuity site

SHEBOYGAN COUNTY (WITI) -- He's a self-proclaimed daredevil who took an insane leap from a massive crane at the Acuity construction site along I-43 on the Fourth of July -- and now, we've learned Nick Propson has been sentenced to jail.

26-year-old Nick Propson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of entry onto a construction site -- and on Monday, November 17th, a Sheboygan County judge sentenced Propson to 30 days in jail with Huber release privileges.

Propson had previously provided restitution to Acuity of $3,406.40 to cover the cost of re-certification of the two high-rise on-site cranes to ensure the unauthorized access to the fenced and locked construction site did not compromise the safe operation of the cranes.

Propson has jumped from billboards and bridges, but police say on the Fourth of July, Propson crossed the line.

It was a 140-foot jump, with just a rope and a helmet.

“There’s no fear. What’s the worst that could happen? We die? Whatever. It was a little nerve-wracking because it was a bunch of concrete and re-bar underneath,” Propson told FOX6 News.

Propson climbed up a 140-foot crane at around sunrise on the Fourth of July.

“We kind of snuck up there. Getting up there was no big deal, shimming out there was no big deal,” Propson said.

In his YouTube video (below), Propson is wearing an American flag as a cape — and he said, “God bless America, God bless our troops.” He then says, “Here we go baby, meow!”

Propson indicates his tether put him within five feet of the ground from his 140-foot drop.

Nothing went wrong, but after posting the video on YouTube, police came calling.

“When you do something like this and you put it online, you know sooner or later a phone call is coming,” Propson said.

Propson was one of several people who performed the stunt, but police were able to identify only one of the others -- Benjamin Shibler, who was also charged with criminal entry onto a construction site and who has a jury trial set for December 10th in Sheboygan County. Neither Propson nor Shibler would identify others who participated.

Propson was initially cited for the jump by police. He was cited last summer for jumping from the Leo Frigo Bridge.

READ IT: Statement from Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco on Propson's conviction and sentence.

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