Sendik's and UWM team up to provide nutrition facts for deli salads

WHITEFISH BAY (WITI) -- While shopping at the grocery store, many people make a stop at the deli counter. But do you really know what's in the food being served?

"It's just a guess when they would buy something in my way of thinking," said Sendik's shopper Pat Lamp.

To help customers understand what they're buying and consuming, Sendik's is teaming up with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to begin providing nutrition facts.

"Customers are looking for information as they shop -- whether it`s gluten free or fat-free and people have particular dietary needs so this allows people to make the best choices as they`re shopping in our deli which they weren`t able to do before,' said Sendik's Communications Director Nick Bandoch.

UWM launched its Nutritional Sciences program in fall 2012.

This partnership will give students hands-on experience.

"They're going to be using the software program that Sendik's was kind enough to provide and they`ll be learning how to sometimes manipulate ingredients as well in a recipe so you can make it even healthier," said UWM Nutritional Sciences Clinical Director Kit Werner.

So far UWM has provided nutrition facts for nine deli salads at Sendik's and accessing that information is simple.

"They can go to our website, they can scan a QR code that`s available at the deli, and in the coming days that QR code will be right on their package label," said Bandoch.

Many Sendik's customers are happy to have this extra information.

"I think it`s very helpful and it makes you decide if you want it or not," said Lamp.

"I try to minimize the amount of additives that we eat so knowing what goes into it will help with that," said Sendik's shopper Jack Laubach.

UWM and Sendik's are hoping to provide nutrition facts for about 80 recipes this year.

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