Senator calls for investigation after girl left in daycare van

MILWAUKEE -- State Senator Spencer Coggs is calling for a full state investigation into a why a five-year-old girl was left in a daycare van Wednesday night. 30-year-old Terrence Cooley, the van driver and 23-year-old Devone Montgomery-Hunt, the assistant driver are charged with leaving a child unattended in a child care vehicle.

Thursday night in a FOX6 News exclusive report, five-year-old Deja Carter cried as she talked about how she went door-to-door looking for help after she woke up alone in the cold daycare van. Eventually, someone in the area took the little girl to police. The criminal complaint says the girl was scared, hungry and cold. The temperature Wednesday night hit nine degrees.

State Senator Spencer Coggs was instrumental in drafting legislation that makes it a crime to leave a child unattended in a child care vehicle, and requires all daycare vans to have alarm systems so no child should be left inside.

It's not clear whether Quality Child Care near 48th and Bradley had the alarms. When FOX6 News went there Friday, they would not open the door and shouted that they have no comment.