Sen. Kathleen Vinehout will not run for governor in 2014

MADISON (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) will not be running for governor in the 2014 Fall election. This, according to a Democratic Party Chairwoman.

Sen. Vinehout confirmed her decision on Thursday, January 16th.

Vinehout never officially committed to running for governor -- but there was speculation she could consider entering the race as a candidate.

It is unclear why Vinehout has decided not to run.

However, Vinehout was injured on Sunday, December 8th in a car accident on I-94 in Racine -- suffering multiple fractures to her right arm -- requiring surgery.

It is unclear whether that injury may have influenced Vinehout's decision not to run for governor.

It is also unclear as to whether Vinehout will now be supporting Mary Burke's candidacy for governor.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement on Kathleen Vinehout's decision in the gubernatorial race:

“Although she has made the decision not to pursue a run for governor at this time, Kathleen Vinehout remains a vital force in this Party and this movement.

“Senator Vinehout's travels around the state have helped to build the Party, engage the grassroots, and guide the conversation about how we can restore Wisconsin's proud progressive legacy and return our government to the people. Her advocacy for important issues added much to the debate we will have in our state this year and the energy and excitement she brought will contribute to the election of a Democratic Governor in November.

"Kathleen will continue to serve the people as an intellectual leader in the state Senate, where her thorough understanding of complex policy positions has helped to not only guide progressive legislation, but to call attention to Scott Walker’s dishonest budgets and culture of corruption.

"Without question, Wisconsin is a better place with Kathleen Vinehout in public service, and we look forward to hearing her strong progressive voice around the state as she continues her recovery."