See it: Video of "possessed" toddler on nanny cam is scaring the internet

A video showing a toddler screaming while balancing on the railing of a crib has gone viral on YouTube. The video was first posted on March 9th, and has been viewed more than two million times.

In the video, the screaming and crying child can be seen on "nanny cam" climbing the side of his crib, from there he precariously stands up and balances on the rail.

According to KSTU, between his incredible balance and glowing eyes, some commentators online say the toddler is possessed -- but his parents insist the footage is real and nothing strange is afoot.

Here's the description of the video:

"Caught on Nanny cam in the middle of the night... No children were harmed. This is not my child in the video."

According to a video interview posted by AOL, the toddler's parents say the glowing eyes are simply due to the camera's night vision. They say the video is "100% real."