Security camera appears to show cat being killed with bow and arrow

BROOKLYN, Ohio -- Bob Kocon treats his cats like part of the family. But his family was devastated back on May 8th when Bob let his 7-year-old cat, Spooky, out at night.

Spooky never returned.

"We were crying and paranoid for weeks. Depressed," Kocon told Fox 8.

Bob and his wife went door to door searching for Spooky, but were not prepared for what they say a neighbor’s security camera captured.

"You can see Spooky went outside at night. Then somebody went by on a bike and turned around, pulled a bow and arrow out of his bag, and shot him right at the end of the driveway," said Kocon.

The video shows that same man come back a few minutes later and pick up what appears to be the cat’s limp body.

The Kocons say they filed a report with the Brooklyn Police Department.

Meantime, they are warning all animal lovers in the neighborhood to be on alert for the alleged cat killer.

"We have to get this guy off the streets," said Kocon.