Second full week in Jan. is Crossing Guard Recognition Week

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The second full week of January is Crossing Guard Recognition Week -- and the Milwaukee Police Department is thanking its 200 trained crossing guards for helping to keep children safe.

During Crossing Guard Recognition Week, the Milwaukee Police Department on Tuesday, January 14th issued the following message on Twitter:

Tom Koth is a crossing guard for Manitoba Elementary School. He has the task of stopping traffic so those on two wheels or two feet have a chance to make it safely across the street.

"My one goal is to get the kids across safely," Koth said.

"The traffic on this street is terrible! We are really lucky to have a crossing guard. Crossing guards are very important," Maureen Grzanna -- a teacher at the school said.

Koth is retired from the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department and is in his first year working as a crossing guard.

With 12 years of service, Renetta Robinson is a crossing guard veteran.

"You've got to have a love for people, and you've got to have a love for kids," Robinson said.

Robinson is a crossing guard for Craig Montessori school.

"I really am running the show, if you think about it. I have to make sure I get out there and stop the traffic in all directions. I have to make sure people are staying on the curb until I say it's safe to go out there," Robinson said.

Next Friday is Robinson's last day on the job.

"She is one of my best school crossing guards," Crossing Guard Supervisor Delores Thomas said.

After 12 years working to guide students safely to school, Robinson is hanging up her whistle and will be working to finish her college degree.

She says she doesn't worry for her replacement -- saying the kids on her corner have been taught well.

"They are pretty much trained now, so whoever comes over here shouldn't have an issue," Robinson said.

Crossing guards are placed at any busy intersection, or if more than 30 students need to cross a particular intersection to get to school.