Search warrant yields disturbing photos from Kris Zocco's phone

MILWAUKEE (WTII) -- New documents with more information in the case of missing Milwaukee woman Kelly Dwyer have been released -- detailing photos and a video police discovered on a cell phone.

Police say in a returned search warrant, they found the disturbing images on Kris Zocco's phone. Zocco is believed to be the last person to see Dwyer before she went missing.

The newly unsealed documents detail a search of Zocco's apartment in October, shortly after Dwyer went missing. According to the search warrant affidavit, police were searching for neckties, scarves, ligatures or any other items capable of restraining the arms and legs of a human, as well as cameras, video recording devices or other devices capable of capturing photo and video images.

Prior search warrants discovered DNA evidence including bedding and clothing. The most recent search warrant retrieved numerous images and videos from Zocco's cell phone.

The documents state the photos are of Kelly Dwyer, naked with her hands and feet tied to a bed by neckties. According to the report, Dwyer appears to be unconscious.

The search warrant also describes other photos with Dwyer lying face down on a bed, naked, with her hands and feet bound, seemingly unconscious with what appears to be the hand of a white male on the back of her head pushing her face into the bed.

Police say video found on the same cell phone show Dwyer blindfolded in a sexual act.

27-year-old Dwyer has not been seen since October 10th, 2013. Zocco has not been charged in her disappearance but will appear in court next week on charges of drugs and child pornography.