Search continues for missing 28-year-old Thomas Hecht

MILWAUKEE -- Friends and family of a missing 28-year-old Milwaukee man were back out on the streets of downtown Milwaukee Tuesday, handing out flyers and looking for clues, but there's still no sign of Thomas Hecht.

Friends say Hecht was last seen on Water Street on Saturday night. He had been out with friends, participating in the "Shamrock Shindig," described as a massive pub crawl involving 15 taverns. Hecht was last seen at Rosie's Water Works bar on Water Street.

Tuesday, friends and family members passed out more flyers with Hecht's picture, hoping someone has information about where to find him. "We're doing anything and everything we can think of, that we know to do," Hecht's friend, Stefanie Sager said.

The Milwaukee Fire Department Dive Rescue Team hit the water Tuesday morning on the Milwaukee River. They were doing training, but decided to train in an area that's between the point Hecht was last seen and his Commerce Street condo. "We chose this area because we are aware that there's someone missing from this area. It's not to say that this particular individual isn't somewhere else. It's just that we're going to (train) in this area, because there's a chance," Milwaukee Fire Captain Ron Firnrohr said. Investigators searched with sonar, and other than locating an area they want to inspect further, they found nothing more. River search operations will likely resume Wednesday.

Sager says she was with Hecht on Saturday, and says the last time she saw him was around 7:30 or 8:00 Saturday night. "He's the most responsible guy and an amazing person. It's horrible. It sucks. It shouldn't be happening to anybody, let alone someone of his character," Sager said.

Tuesday night, Tom Treul, a long-time friend, brought his dogs, Moose and Riley to help with the search. They're not trained K9s, but they sniffed one of Hecht's shirts, and Treul led them along an area close to the Milwaukee River. "Dogs have a sixth sense, and we're trying to be helpful in any way we can. If he came from Rosie's downtown, it's possible he came through this area," Treul said.

Hecht's father, Robert Hecht says his son has never gone missing before, and is actively searching for Thomas. "Sitting at home just waiting would be, and has been, torturous. I'd rather be doing something, and so would his friends. They're all very engaged," Robert Hecht said.

Hecht's father says surveillance video has been reviewed, and his son was not seen going back into his condo Saturday night.

If you have information about Hecht’s whereabouts, you’re urged to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7401.