Sculpture Milwaukee announces additional artists for 2018 installation

MILWAUKEE -- Sculpture Milwaukee, a free outdoor urban sculpture experience, announced on Friday, April 20 the names of artists who will join the eight previously released artist names. The new artists include:

    Sculpture Milwaukee will be on view from June to Oct. 21, 2018.

    Highlighted works confirmed to date include: Sanford Biggers’ BAM (Seated Warrior), 2017; Yoan Capote’s Nostalgia, 2013; Tom Friedman’s Hazmat Love, 2017; Gary Hume’s Bud, 2016; Jessica Jackson Hutchins’ Reason to Be, 2017; Kiki Smith’s Seer (Alice II), 2005; and Bosco Sodi’s Untitled, 2017.

    These works will be joined by: Magdalena Abakanowicz’s The Group of Five, 2014; Liz Glynn’s Untitled (Burgher with extended arm), 2014; Mel Kendrick’s Marker #2, 2009; Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg’s Skew, 2018; Hank Willis Thomas’ Liberty, 2015; Bernar Venet’s 97.5° Arc x 9, 2007; and Erwin Wurm’s Half Big Suit, 2016.