Salvation Army of Wisconsin, Upper Mighigan accepts donations of 'basic necessities' for those in need

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The Salvation Army of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is accepting donations for those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Salvation Army officials noted in a news release Monday, March 23, with a presence in almost every ZIP code in the state, the Salvation Army is uniquely positioned to meet the changing needs of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan's most vulnerable. Monetary donations will allow the most efficient response to evolving demand, but we will now accept select in-kind goods at locations across the state.

“Responding to crisis is in our DNA,” said Major Steve Woodard, Milwaukee County Coordinator. “In our 150-year history, societal events have taught us to be flexible and adapt. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to evolve our services due to demands from pandemics or wide-scale economic hardships. We’re prepared and we’re honored to be stewards of the public’s generosity.”

Donations will help support essential Salvation Army programs that shelter and feed vulnerable individuals and families, provide emergency assistance and support the emergency personnel mobilized to fight the pandemic.

Gifts can be made to state-wide efforts by:

    Gifts can be made to Milwaukee County efforts by:

      Additionally, if anyone finds themselves with extra basic necessities that can be given to someone in need, they can drop them off at their local Salvation Army. These items include:

        The following is a list of Salvation Army locations in Southeast Wisconsin: