Rutgers football player confessed to double-murder plot, detectives say

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Police say Rutgers University football player Izaia Bullock had a mask, gloves and crushed Tylenol in his car – tools to be used in an alleged double-murder plot, according to WPIX.

Izaia Bullock, a 22-year-old junior who played linebacker for the New Jersey university, was arrested and charged Tuesday with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

Police say Bullock, who was reportedly struggling with a break-up, admitted to planning the murders of two members of his ex-girlfriend's family, WPIX reports.

Bullock allegedly found their addresses and even asked an accomplice to serve as his getaway driver or as a lookout. Police say he shared his plans with others and one person recorded the alleged plot.

The university said he has been dismissed from the football team.

Bullock made his first appearance in court Wednesday via video link from the Middlesex County Jail.

His family sobbed inside the courtroom. His mother, stepmother, father and a family friend watched as the judge read him his rights.

This is the second time the Rutgers football program has been in the news in recent months over criminal charges.

In August, eight players were arrested for running a scheme to steal money from credit cards.

"If they are here for a scholarship, they shouldn’t do that at all," said Steven Florez, a sophomore at Rutgers University. "They should take steps towards fixing that problem, and really trying to, I guess, advise students – like if they see they are in a difficult situation ... give them help."

Rutgers faculty held a protest on campus Wednesday because they say that while money is lacking in some educational departments, it is being poured into sports.

"I am really concerned about the type of operation that not only the football team but the whole athletics department run. They seem so desperate to win, that they will go to any measures," said Professor David Hughes. "We have an athletics department that lost $47 million last year. Every year they take $11 million to $12 million from students fees. And it’s contributing to the bankrupting of education here at Rutgers."

Rutgers University issued a statement saying that the University is initiating disciplinary proceedings against Bullock.

He will be back in court on Friday at 9:30 a.m. before Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Michael Toto for a hearing on whether he’ll remain in jail pending a trial.